Excellent Zed Bias album review on BBC Music (Posted By Rico)

Zed Bias

Zed Bias 'Biasonic Hotsauce – Birth Of The Nanocloud’ (Tru Thoughts)Zed Bias
Biasonic Hotsauce – Birth Of The Nanocloud

(Tru Thoughts)
Album out on 26th September 2011

“A mesmerising album exploring the possibilities of British urban music.” (BBC Music)

“Another offering from the fertile musical imagination of UK garage/dubstep producer Dave Jones, Biasonic Hot Sauce shows exactly why he’s been on top of this world for over a decade. Although he comes at these songs from an essentially dubstep direction, what goes over that notional foundation is so varied and unexpected that it quickly shatters such stylistic confines. There’s a musical intelligence at work that shifts tunes into jazz, Latin, street funk, disco, house and raga; yet everything remains true to a necessarily skittery rhythmic integrity…”(Read More) Written By Lloyd Bradley

Zed Bias – Fairplay feat Jenna G (album version)

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