Gui Boratto Main Album Of The Month In Mixmag (Posted By Harry)

Gui Boratto

Gui Boratto III (Kompakt)Gui Boratto ‘III’ (Kompakt) Album Of The Month in Mixmag

Gui Boratto III (Kompakt) 2xLP/CD

“…Following  on from a well-thumbed Massive Attack remix of ‘Paradise Circus’ last year, July saw Baratto return with a well- received 12″ charged with a far more industrious and undercooked sound. Both present on the producer’s third album, simply entitled ‘III’ and, acting as a good indicator of what to expect, ‘The Drill’ and the equally atomic ‘Stems From Hell’ deftly marry waves of doe-eyed euphoria with muscular guitar-like synthlines. ‘Striker’, a self-vocalled stomper originally intended for the second LP, already sounds like a Kompakt classic…”
Written by James Lawrence

01. Galuchat
02. Stems From Hell
03. Striker
04. The Drill
05. Flying Practice
06. Trap
07. Soledad
08. Destination: Education
09. Talking Truss
10. The Third
11. This Is Not The End (feat. Luciana Villanova)

Listen to Gui BorattoThe Drill

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