Ramp Recordings Boss Tom Kerridge in Clash Magazine (Posted By Rico)

RAMP Recordings

RAMP LogoClash Magazine Podcast and Interview with Tom Kerridge

“An all-vinyl underground affair”

“DJ and RAMP Recordings boss Tom Kerridge steps up to provide this week’s Clash DJ podcast, with an all-vinyl underground affair.

Such is the scope of RAMP’s carefully selected release schedule since its inception, that it’s fairly futile (and very much against the label’s ethos) to try and pigeonhole its approach. Suffice to say, over the years the label has released material by Untold, Falty DL, SBTRKT, Zomby, Ras G Tokimonsta, Doc Daneeka and a host of other, lesser-known but equally talented producers.

As with the eclectic tastes of RAMP, Kerridge covers a lot of bases in his mix, avoiding hackneyed choices and instead focusing on sharp tunes from all over the electronic spectrum, with a very loose leaning towards beats and electronic hip hop, should you feel the desire to throw some genres around.”
Written by Clash Magazine

To read the full interview, listen to the podcast AND download a Tom Kerridge DJ Mix, click here

Current releases on Ramp and affiliated labels

Presk 'and Cut' / 'Mold'NOCHEXXX 'Savage Herald' / ‘Charro’Ras G 'Down 2 Earth (The Standard Edition)' RAMP RecordingsBenjamin Brunn ‘Dust’ part 1GERRY READ 'Untitled' / ‘Legs’‘Swarm/Shift/Sequence/Spawn’ EP part 1 (RAMP Recordings)‘Swarm/Shift/Sequence/Spawn’ EP part 2 (RAMP Recordings)

01. Presk ‘and Cut’ / ‘Mold’ (Fourth Wave) 12″ (House / Techno / Dubstep / UK Funky)
“The first love letter from the cold void is the debut release from Presk. Hailing from The Netherlands, Presk delivers two tracks of heartfelt bass music, fusing elements of Techno, Dubstep & UK Funky.” Presk Soundcloud

02. NOCHEXXX ‘Savage Herald’ / ‘Charro’ (RAMP Recordings) 12″ (Techno/Leftfield)
“Having junked his computer in favour an MPC and an 8-track tape and a rougher more technoid sound, NOCHEXXX steps back into the RAMP fold with his unique lopsided, turf-footed, beat smithing, post everything beats.” Nochexxx Soundcloud

03. Ras G ‘Down 2 Earth (The Standard Edition)(RAMP Recordings) 2×12”(+ CD) / CD (Hip Hop/Leftfield/Dub)
“His dusty beats and booming bass humps are still standing tall in an often-stagnant field.  ‘Down 2 Earth’ is his rawest most straight up hip hop release to date, sewing together dub soundsystem culture into a ‘Donuts’ style beat-tape format.” Ras G Soundcloud

Forthcoming Releases

04. Benjamin Brunn ‘Dust’ part 1 (Ashes) 10″ Deep House/House
“Strictly using hardware only, Ben’s delivers his latest EP via new label Ashes. 4 cuts of Clavia Nord & 707 heavy blissed out house music spread over two slabs of vinyl. ” Benjamin Brunn Soundcloud

05. GERRY READ ‘Untitled’ / ‘Legs’ (Fourth Wave) 12″ Deep House/Detroit
“Fourth Wave returns for its second poem from the dark abyss of change, this time from the mysterious 18-year-old Gerry Read. Multi instrumentalist Gerry chops through layers and layers of samples with his own playing to create landscapes of rolling deep Detroit flecked house music.” Fourth Wave Soundcloud         

06. Teeth ‘Swarm/Shift/Sequence/Spawn’ EP part 1 (RAMP Recordings) 12″ Dubstep/Post Dubstep
“Fresh from his huge Shawty 12” on Oneman’s 502 Recordings, Teeth continues Helsinki’s 2011 invasion with Swarm/Shift/Sequence/Spawn. Spread over 2 pieces of vinyl, Teeth’s heavy 808’s usage manages to land somewhere between early DMZ & Source Direct.” Teeth Soundcloud

07. Teeth ‘Swarm/Shift/Sequence/Spawn’ EP part 2 (RAMP Recordings) 10″ (Dubstep/Post Dubstep)
7/10 in DJ ‘(funky/garage section) a welcome expansion of TEETH’s sound’
7/10 in DJ (dubstep section) ‘flips the light switch with rays of blinding synth work’ Teeth Soundcloud

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