Wolves In The Throne Room

New Releases from SRD from 12.09.11

(in no particular order)

Wolves In The Throne Room 'Celestial Lineage' Southern LordRoll The Dice In Dust Album Cover Low Secret Name Album CoverNeurosis 'Sovereign' Album Cover


01. Wolves In The Throne Room “Celestial Lineage” CD (Southern Lord) Black Metal
02. Roll The Dice “In Dust” 2 LP/CD (The Leaf Label) Krautrock/ Analogue Electronic
03. Low “Secret Name” CD/LP (Kranky) Rock/ Post Rock
04. Low “Things We Lost In The Fire” CD/LP (Kranky) Rock/ Post Rock
05. Low “Trust” LP (Kranky) Rock/ Post Rock
06. Neurosis “Sovereign” CD (Neurot) Rock, Heavy Psychedelic Rock
07. Toro Y Moi “Freaking Out” MLP/ MCD (Carpark Records) Leftfield Pop/ Chillwave/ Post Disco
08. The Owl Service ” The Pattern Beneath the Plough parts 1 & 2″ DOUBLE CD (Rif Mountain) Folk
09. Dan Deacon “Meetle Mice” 2LP (Carpark Records) Leftfield Pop
10. Dan Deacon “Silly Hat vs Egale Hat” 2LP (Carpark Records) Leftfield Pop

11. The Hillbilly Moon Experience “Buy, Beg Or Steal” LP (Goldtop) Roots Rock/ Rockabilly
12. Charles Bradley “No Time For Dreaming – The Instrumentals” LP (Daptone Recordings) Soul/R&B
13. Beta Hector “Sunbeam Insulin” CD (Tru Thoughts) Electronica/ Disco/ Funk/ Soul
14. Dixon “Live At Robert Johnson Vol 8” CD (Live At Robert Johnson) Electronic
15. Various “Audible Approaches For A Better Life” 2xCD (C. Sides) Ambient/ Electronic
16. Various Artists “The Best Of Underwater” 2xCD (Underwater) House


01. Cyantific “Touch Me’/ Cyantific & Wilkinson “Get Into It” 12″ (Ram Records) Drum & Bass
02. Nero “Welcome Reality” Album Sampler 3×12″ (MTA Records) Dubstep
03. Camo + Krooked “Make The Call Feat. TC (Drum + Bass Mix)/ In The Future Feat. Jenna G and Futurebound” 12″ (Hospital Records) Drum & Bass
04. Rido & Hybris ” Rido & Hybris- The Prague Connection EP” 2×12″ (Metalheadz) Drum & Bass
05. Dub War “The Funky Deal/ To The Depths” 12″ (Tempa) Dubstep
06. Brackles “Rinse Presents: Brackles 12″ Number One” 12″ (Rinse) Electronic/ Dubstep
07. Zodiac “Itz On/ And Now” 12″ (Audio Breakout) Drum & Bass
08. ASC “3rd Eye/ Torque/ Ubik” 12″ (BLKND) Drum & Bass
09. Total Science “Trespass/No Justice [Jubei Remix]” 12″ (Blackout Music) Drum & Bass
10. Prolix ” Visualize/ Lizard Lounge” 12″ (Integral Records) Drum & Bass

11. Amoss “Severence/ Locked In” 12″ (Inside Recordings) Drum & Bass
12. The Insiders “Limelight/Manhattan” 12″ (Intrigue Music) Drum & Bass
13. Mindscape “Ultrasonik” 12″ (Nasca) Drum & Bass
14. Biome “Space” 12″ (Black Box) Dubstep
15. Dent May “Fun” 7″ (Paw Tracks) Leftfield Pop
16. Various “Brew Split 10″ 10” (Brew) Noise- Rock
17. Martin Campbell & Hi – Tech Roots Dynamics “Dem A Laugh After Me” 7″ (Log On) Reggae

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