Roll The Dice ‘See You Monday’ Review on 20 Jazz Funk Greats (Posted By Harry)

Roll The Dice

Roll The Dust 'In Dust' Album Cover "See You Monday"Roll The Dice ‘See You Monday’ on 20 Jazz Funk Greats

Roll The Dice ‘In Dust’ Released 12.09.11 (Leaf Label)

20 Jazz Funk Greats wastes no time in reviewing Roll The Dice. And why shouldn’t they? 12th September (the release date) isn’t really that far away, so they (and we) want to tell you about it as quickly as possible. You also get the extra Friday bonus of seeing the album trailer on the site.
Read 20 Jazz Funk Great’s review here.

You can also see a video clip from Roll The Dice ‘Calling All Workers’ here.
And as another treat here’s another album review for Roll The Dice ‘In Dust’ from 405 written by Matthew Olmos.

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