The Wire reviews Alias: Fever Dream (Posted By Harry)

Alias Fever Dream

Alias Fever Dream Album Cover
The Wire reviews Alias Fever Dream


“Freshly inspired by contemporary R&B, producer Alias comes across like a proverbial kid in a candy store, frantically cramming in as much as his palate can handle, revelling in the tangy contrast of colours and flavours that results. Artists such as Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing have demonstrated  that abstraction and accessibility can happily co-exist on the same track, and Alias has taken this lesson to heart. “Revi is Divad” rolls along on a Timbaland – style coupling of lubricious rhythm and chattering synth, an audible squelch produced as its  textures collide…Alias’s emergence from the shadows is to be commended. Fever Dream is a warm, gregarious offering which avoids earnestness while still displaying intelligence and judgment. “Only a fool would ignore this,” intones a muffled voice during “Goinswimmin.” Sounds about right.
Written by Joseph Stannard

Alias Fever Dream released 29th August 2011 (Anticon)

01. Goinswimmin
02. Wanna Let It Go
03. Revi Is Divad
04. No Choice
05. Dahorses
06. Lady Lambin’
07. Talk in Technicolor
08. Feverdreamin
09. Boom Boom Boom
10. Tagine
11. Sugarpeeeee
12. Wrap


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