Walls ‘Sunporch’ Review in NME (Posted By Harry)

Walls 'Sunporch'

Walls, Sunporch, KompaktWalls ‘Sunporch’ Review in NME

Walls ‘Sunporch’ release date 29.08.11 on Kompakt.

When a review starts with the words “Shit the bed”, you know you’re most likely onto a winner. Jo Fuertes-Knight almost can’t believe where Walls has been all her life in the short, succinct and brilliant review in NME.

“I listened to this first single from their second album “Coracle” with fresh ears and can’t believe I hadn’t yet swooned over their layers of slow synth and humbling bass…’

Enough said.

Haven’t heard it yet?

Walls Sunporch

Head over to links below and find out more.

Walls Facebook
Walls Myspace
Walls Twitter
Walls SoundCloud

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