Ras G ‘Down 2 Earth’ Review in Wire Magazine (Posted by Rico)

Ras G Down 2 Earth RAMP Recordings

Ras G Down 2 Earth RAMP RecordingsRas G Down 2 Earth Review

(RAMP Recordings)

Released 15th July 2011- RAMP045
Review in Wire Magazine

‘The hazy, opiated feel to his work suit the rough and ready beat-tape format adopted here, tracks coming and going like elusive trains of thought, slipping away as quickly as they are grasped...Yet, paradoxically, Ras G’s approach to hiphop is more rugged than the glutinous, enveloping sheen favoured by his contemporary Flying Lotus…ultimately there’s more to gnaw on here, and for all his admiration of astral jazz, the album title is apt. Ras may be gazing up at the stars, but there is solid ground beneath his feet.‘ Written by Joseph Stannard

Ras G ‘Down 2 Earth’ clips

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RAMP Recordings

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