Jim Ford’s nice review in Uncut and Mojo (Posted by Harry)

Jim Ford Review in Uncut

“The baddest white man on the planet”

“…Jim Ford inspired an uncommon level of worship from the  musicians who knew him, yet he only released one album in his lifetime – 1969’s Harlan County, available again as a new reissue from the Light In The Attic label…”
Written by Rob Hughes

Jim Ford Review Uncut

Jim Ford Review in MOJO

“Ford’s energy, combined with the brilliant musicianship of his crack session band, makes it all irresistible”

“..The title track is a litany of the miseries Harlan County imposes on its inhabitants…but Ford’s ebullient, irreverent delivery and a setting of wild brass and funky drums makes this more a celebration of escape than a wallowing in hard times…”
Written by Will Hodgkinson

Jim Ford Review in Mojo

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