Menace Ruine Vinyl edition out on 29.08.11 (Posted by Tony)

Menance Ruine Album Cover Union Of Irreconcilables

Menance Ruine Album Cover Union Of Irreconcilables Menace RuineVinyl out on 29.08.11

“The vinyl version really does justice to this amazing record.”
Aurora Borealis

Review in Hammer Smashed Sound

“An album that should go down as a creative landmark in the history of metal…  Union of Irreconcilables is not only a step forward for Menace Ruine but seems to say that we should forget what we know about extreme music, as an entirely new era is upon us.” …More

Review in
Hour Community

“…Album number four, their first for the London-based Aurora Borealis, blasts out of the gate with the screaming Collapse and immediately the stakes are raised to dangerous levels. What follows is a mind-bending collage/collision of noise, drone, dark metal and electronics, surrounded above and below by murky waters of melody and a tilted pop perspective that makes it all work grandly.”…More

Menace Ruine myspace

Aurora Borealis Records

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