Domes of Silence- Hunter ST EP Reviews (Posted by Tony)

Domes Of Silence - Hunter ST EP Review



Domes of Silence are masters in writing catchy songs…The single starts with the catchy guitar riffs of the mid-tempo song ‘Hunter S. T.’. We know that Domes of Silence are fans of mescaline (named their full length album), Sean now reveals that he is a fan of Hunter S. Thompson: “When I’m down, I walk the line, Hunter Thompson in my mind”. Darker and more grim the second song ‘E. J. M.’ crawls out from the speaker boxes but with the same strong ingredients – Sean’s majestic voice, the precise drumming like a Swiss clockwork, the booming and ear-piercing bass lines and the heavy stoner guitar riffs with psychedelic and spacey excursions. In the end the third and fastest song ‘Nightbus’ with its infectious groove doesn’t let you sit still and asks you for the last dance. The song radiates charm with its snotty attitude and is the crowning finale. STONER ROCK.

What more can I say; for me a cracking introduction to a band that deserve to make big strides onwards and upwards this year. Throw in an element of The Doors in the vocal delivery and, to tie it off, for me the standout track ‘Night Bus’ which leans so heavily on Iggy and the Stooges it could have been written by the man himself, even though the opening riff has elements of both ‘Road Runner’ and ‘Suffragette City’ – respect!!!!
Domes of Silence consist of Sean Parkin (vocals), Charles Lane (bass), Alex Lane(drums) coupled with the twin guitars of Carl Bickey and Richard Aitken. They recorded the EP live, with very few overdubs, cut as simply as possible (easy to see where the power will come from live). For any stoner virgins out there, get into it and what better starting point can you ask for? UBER ROCK


This 5 piece band plays a psychedelic stoner style of rock with hints of punk…Vocalist Sean Parkin reminds me a bit of a harder Sounding Morrissey. The song is a bit mesmerizing. There’s also a level of fuzz involved to give the song a Truckfighters feel. The second song “EJM” is a bit slower and mellower at the start then speeds up. After the chorus it slows down again. Very cool song. The final song on the EP, “Nightbus,” has more of a punk feel to it yet still fuzzy at the same time. This song would be a great one to either start off a show or get an encore going. This song can make you bob your head as you walk down the street with the earbuds in. SODA SHOP

Domes of Silence – Hunter S.T

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