LUNGFISH 8.1 review in PITCHFORK – July 1st (Posted by Harry)

Unamious Hour

Unamious Hour

Stunning review for Lungfish “The Unanimous Hour” Reissue at Pitchfork:

Released on Dischord 27th June

“They say it takes only three chords to write a punk song. Lungfish did it with two. And they did it for 18 years. From 1987 to 2005, the Baltimore quartet could be considered the world’s leading purveyor of punk-rock-as-devotional-art. They were a band hellbent and single-minded in their commitment to ascetic thrashing, with an amply bearded and tattooed frontman who came off like underground music’s answer to John the Baptist.

For all that, Lungfish’s music sounds immediately familiar. It’s just a handful of cyclical guitar riffs and pulsing, sea-shanty rhythms played in steady repetition. “A person doesn’t have to be Lungfish-literate to know how to hear our music,” singer Daniel Higgs told the Baltimore City Paper in 1998, during one of the band’s only extensive interviews. “If you’ve never heard the song before, after several seconds you have heard the song, and it’s gonna do that for a few more minutes.” Like the best punk bands, Lungfish used common tools, but created singular music through sheer force of personality.” Read more…..

Written By Aaron Lietko


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