DJ Madd ‘Blank Space EP’ – Blank Space / Pitfall / Murder 96 / Ritual feat Phaeleh

DJ Madd

DJ Madd

Blank Space / Pitfall / Murder 96 / Ritual feat Phaeleh

DubstepBlack Box Recordings – 2X12”

* Quietly and efficiently, DJ Madd has been climbing the dubstep ranks in the last two years, and is ready to drop his most definitive release to date via Black Box. The new Blank Space EP is the culmination of his work, and showcases the breadth of sound and killer production that has garnered his music both its mass appeal and heavy A-list support.
* The EP’s title track ‘Blank Space’ has been a permanent fixture on DJ Youngsta’s weekly Rinse FM show and is a textbook Yunx anthem – tough halfstep drums, subterranean bass movement and sci-fi synthwork.
‘Pitfall’ takes things deeper still, as Madd teases the most basic elements out into a hypnotic dub version – swingbeat minimalism, aqueous sub-action and echo chamber FX combine into a deceptively powerful slow-burner.
‘Murder 96’ flips the vibe completely, tapping into the possibilities of 140bpm jungle to create a surefire dancefloor weapon out of ruff edited breaks, sizzling midrange heat and speaker-testing bass.
Madd rounds off the EP in style, teaming up with Phaeleh for ‘Ritual’. Lush string arrangements and vocal snippets from the intro are swept aside by the powerful growling subs, hard-smacking snares and searing mids.

Blank Space


Murder 96

Ritual feat. Phaeleh


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