Watch….’Would You’ feat Bonnie Prince Billy from her last album ‘A Loud Call’ (posted by Harry)

Holly Throsby

Holly Throsby

Official music video for the song ‘Would You?’ by Holly Throsby, with guest vocals by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.

Director: Mike Daly.
Musician: Holly Throsby.
Production Company: Caravan Pictures.
Producer: Rebecca Bennett.
Cinematographer: Josh Raymond.
Camera Assistant: Tom Jefferson.
Editor & Compositor: Mike Daly.
Sound Designer: Michael McMenomy.

Revolving Light & Car Scenes.
Lighting Rig Engineers: Leigh Russell & Leif Wilson
Costume Designer: Amelia Gebler
Make-up Artist: Melissa Leong
Make-up Assistant: Stephanie Cheong
Runner: Sissy Reyes
Cast: Holly Throsby, Megan Drury, Bree van Reyk, Megan Sadler, Xanthe Highfield, Sophie Burns & Melanie Vallejo

Falling Girls Scene.
Lead Rigger: Spike Cherrie
Riggers: Phillip Partridge & Andrea Berchtold
Costume Designer: Bernadette Hehea
Set Assistant: Luke Pavey
Runner: Kate Bennett
Cast: Zoe Lester, Zoe Black, Shayni Notelovitz, Briden Aspinall & Megan Drury

Special Thanks to: Caravan, Ben Lawrence, Emma Lawrence, Angelica Mesiti, Panavision Australia, Matt McCosker, Jungleboys, Jenny Ellis, Anna-Wili Highfield, Imara Savage, Anna Sordo, Leah Giblin, Brent Street Agency & Grayboy Entertainment.


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