Nice Adventure Review On Pitchfork (posted by Harry)

AdventureAdventure Review on Pitchfork

Lesser Known

Carpark Records

written by Larry Fitzmaurice (March 17, 2011)

“The music made during New Order’s fantastic streak in the 1980s often carried a tragic, crestfallen tone– understandable results for a band that emerged from Joy Division’s still-fresh remains. But that large period of the band’s work contains a euphoric feeling of escapism as well; it’s still too easy, after all, to put on a song like “Bizarre Love Triangle” or “This Time of Night” and lose yourself to a place of limitless bliss. It’s that electronic escapism that flushes the cheeks of Baltimore-based electronic musician Benny Boeldt’s sophomore effort as Adventure, Lesser Known. From the syncopated pulse of aptly named opener “Open Door”, it’s impossible not to draw comparisons to Sumner and co., as well as the best of the best 80s British synth-pop acts. Unlike the frequent blockiness of new wave, though, Lesser Known sounds expansive and maximalistic in design, as squelching synth runs fill up every last bit of possible space on the record’s front half.” (7.2)


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