VICE – Feature ‘Five People DJ Sprinkles Would Like To Fuck (posted by Harry)

DJ Sprinkles is an alias of Kawasaki-based DJ, Queer theory iconoclast and Transgender philosopher Terre Thaemlitz.

The highbrow dance music Terre has been making since the 1980s has attracted plenty of big words, too. We can get down with ‘deep house’ and ‘ambient drift’, but when the guys at The Wire or the ‘We actually prefer post-punk, yeah’ crowd from Resident Advisor start talking about ‘neo-expressionist electroacoustic computer piano music’, you can’t help but wonder if there are too many words in the English language for “I am a sad man who likes wasting his own time by filing things away in predominantly empty boxes”.

Boil it down, and Terre’s a guy who has spent the best part of 30 years wearing women’s clothes and playing and making great music he refers to as “Fagjazz”. His back catalogue includes such hits as “Sloppy 42nds”, “Brenda’s $20 Dilemma” and “Masturjakor”, and he’s currently working on “some commissions” for his 8GB A/V project that should be ready later this year. We asked him for a list of people he’d like to fuck.

To read the rest go to…. VICE


DJ Sprinkles presents

Routes Not Roots

Skylax Records

Due for release on 28 March 2011

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