Mojo REVIEW :: The See See & EuroTour dates 2011 (posted by Guy S)


The See See
Late Morning Light


“Harmony-rich West Coast-style pop, with good vibes.”

“Strong touches of The Byrds, Gene Clark’s solo material and other things that go well with denim and sideburns.”

“They’re a band that have set themselves the challenge of writing memorable songs in a style of music they already love, and they have achieved it.”

Written by Will Hodgkinson

Euro Tour dates 2011

March 23rd: Le Cantine, Paris, France
March 24th: Schwarzes Schaf Klub, Augsburg, Germany
March 25th: Swamp, Frelburg, Germany
March 26th: Hafen2, Offenbach, Germany
March 28th: Tonstudio, Stuttgart, Germany
March 29th: Antje Oklesund, Berlin, Germany
March 30th: Kassel, Germany

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