Rainbow Arabia – Loud&Quiet – Lead Album Review – March 2011 (posted by Harry)


Rainbow Arabia


A fine cure for the winter blues: ‘Ethnoronica’… dressed as Jacko

Boy, do we need Rainbow Arabia right now! There’s something submissively comforting about wrapping yourself in a blanket of melancholy as a New Year crawls out of the starting blocks, over snow, then ice, then sludge, then plain ‘ol dry and uninteresting despair, but it’s not January anymore so where’s the Indian Winter that Channel 4 promised? 2010 clearly still needs some coaxing into life. More…..

Originally published in issue 14 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. February 2011

“That their name intimates a sense of global inclusion is apt. That their debut album is simply otherworldly is a real joy” LOUD AND QUIET

“this LA-based duo sound like Sioussie Sioux mucking about with a Kaoss pad in the kitchen while Karin Dreijer Andersson hangs out the washing. Along with the rain-dance beat, you’re onto a winner” NME

“With Boys And Diamonds, Rainbow Arabia has refined its various sonic fascinations, incongruous though they may at first seem, into the band’s most intriguing, inviting release yet.” XLR8R


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