Young Magic – ‘You With Air’ – Single Review

Young Magic – – Single Review – 7 February 2011

Young Magic – ‘You With Air’ (Carpark)

Sometimes you walk into a room and it is all you can do to keep up forward momentum, please not this, not all these messy people, not now, Dog. ‘You With Air’ is a bit like that, it is gloopy and treacly and there are children in a playground playing high-spirited, kiss-based chasing games as they try to work out what the point of men and women and both together is. Young Magic is dead set on stopping you from thinking about anything else while you listen to his single, he is absolutely determined you look into his eyes and his alone – and the whole excursion is furious, intoxicating. Mostly it is the boom of the synths that have had all their plastic stripped away; his keyboards are made of wire wool, I think. To listen to this is not unlike putting plugs made of bumble bees into your ear canal; it is sinister, furry, too unsettling to be cute but overall a strange and heady pleasure. Ace.

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